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The Event

Crypto compliance hub is a series of five events where experts in compliance, anti-money laundering, and virtual assets will share the experience they have developed over the years with the attendees of the hub.
Five days of immersive content for professionals seeking to understand & obtain practical knowledge based on real scenarios.

The Agenda

Sept 20th • Laying the Groundwork

In order to develop a good compliance program, it is essential to have knowledge of the industry, the products and services offered, and the associated risks. That is why in this first session, we are going to talk about the main products we see in the crypto industry and the risks associated with them.

Sept 27th • What is happening in the US?

How many times have we heard from the SEC and Fincen discuss about virtual assets this year? What is happening in the U.S. around compliance and regulation of virtual assets? What are the main concerns of regulators? How can this impact our project? How to prepare our companies and our teams from a compliance perspective? Learn this & more.

Oct 4th • The old continent, the most innovative?

Europe has a lot to teach to the rest of the world in terms of regulations & best practices in the industry. The old continent has been a pioneer when it comes to designing security and compliance standards. While some of these controls may have failed, there is still a lot to take from these initiatives. Learn directly from those who were involved in the design of these regulations and who apply them on a day-to-day basis.

Oct 11th • Build your Crypto Compliance Program

Now that you know about the main crypto products and services and their risks and where the world is headed in regulatory matters, in this session you will learn to design your own crypto compliance program and what critical factors you will need to take into account. Benefit from years of experience from industry professionals. They will tell you about their successes and mistakes and how to design a program for your organization.

Oct 18th • Hands-on experience in real cases

This session will focus on the analysis of real cases. This day we will be presenting cases where compliance failures occurred, their causes & consequences, and how to prevent making the same mistakes in our organizations. At the same time, we will show success cases where the design and implementation of good compliance systems have shown to be a differential in the business.

Event Details


Sept 20th - Sept 27th
Oct 4th - Oct 11th - Oct 18th




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